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ThrottleUp Drone Academy
Where drone pilots are made


ThrottleUp Drone Academy


Drone piloting is a life-skill just like cycling, swimming & driving. Not only it can be developed into a lifelong passion, an aviation career, but also save lives. 

There are much more than just flying, such as technical knowledge in electronics, flight controllers, radio & video transmissions, GPS, video editing... the list goes on.


Some of the best drone racers in the world are young teens, it is best to start young and build up their knowledge and skills over time. 

Giving Drone Pilots Wings


ThrottleUp Academy nurtures new drone pilots by giving them a systematic, safe, and exploratory experiences as they progress in the steep learning curve in piloting skills and drone technology. Our goal is to see students succeed and have fun in this multidisciplinary and  fast developing technology.


We also provide trainings in drone photography & filming, FPV drone racing, Drone Soccer, etc for our students to participate in competitions in Singapore and overseas.

ThrottleUp Creation Drone Workshop

Qualities of a Drone Pilot

  • Practise safety and responsibility in drone operation.

  • Curious about the science behind drones such as aerodynamics, electronics, radio transmissions, video transmissions, GPS, sensors, etc. ​

  • Highly developed motor skills, good judgements, effective risk assessment, creativity, problem solving skills, and  confidence. ​

  • Ability to overcome challenges and develop self discovery initiatives.

SkillsFuture Funded Basic Drone Course (@SMU)

This module provides the course participants an overview of the fundamental knowledge of operating an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). It aims to equip participants with the essential theoretical knowledge that covers general unmanned aircraft system (UAS), principles of flight, air law, safety, and operations.​

SGD2160.00* (as low as SGD248.00* after maximum funding)

Intake 1: 1, 2 & 3 Feb 2024

Intake 2: 25, 26 & 27 Apr 2024 

More details HERE.

* Up to 70-90% funding for Singaporeans.

Contact us for upcoming course dates, fees and details.

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Basic Drone Operation Course

5 weekly lessons, 2hr each

  • Suitable for beginners

  • Drone General Knowledge

  • Drone Regulations by CAAS

  • Operation Safety & Situational Awareness

  • Beginner Drone Flying Indoors

  • Pre-Flight Checks & Preparation

  • Basic Piloting Drills Outdoors

  • Aerial Photography & Videography

  • Post Flight Procedure

  • Equipment Maintenance

  • Drone rental available (DJI Mini2)

Basic Drone Opertion

ThrottleUp FPV Academy

10 weekly lessons, 2hr each​

  • Prerequisite: Basic Drone Operation Course

  • Introduction to Flight Modes: Angle, Horizon & Acro

  • Introduction to FPV Drone Components

  • Introduction to Firmware & Settings

  • Troubleshooting & Repairs

  • Flight practice with non-altitude hold

  • Flight practice in various flight modes

  • Drone Racing Obstacle Course

  • Flight Practice & Racing

  • Pathway to become a FPV Cinematic, Freestyle, or Racing pilot. 


Find out more

* FPV Pilots are a special bred of drone pilots. Join us.

FPV Academy

Drone Soccer Academy

Drone Soccer is a trending Drone/E-Sport popularised in South Korea with official leagues & competitions in USA, Japan, China and many other countries. Drone soccer is a thrilling indoor team sport played with radio controlled quadcopters in protective exoskeletons designed for collisions.


Five player teams face off in a netted arena where they ram and block the opposing team to prevent them from scoring. But before pilots can compete they must first learn to build, program, fly, and repair high-performance drones, learning engineering skills towards exciting careers in aviation.


Also available for events, schools & corporate teambuilding activities.

Contact us for for details.

Drone Soccer Academy

ThrottleUp Flight Club

ThrottleUp Flight Club is a community driven, member-exclusive club for drone & FPV pilots, where members can enjoy a wild range of perks customised for your drone & FPV flying journey.

Special members rates for:

  • ThrottleUp Flying Meetups

  • ThrottleUp Arena (outdoor & indoor)

  • ThrottleUp Drone Tours

  • Products & merchandise

  • Repair & troubleshoot

  • Curated flight venues with amenities

  • Unique flight venues exclusive for members only

  • Receive guidance from our instructors

  • Games & challenges to win prizes

  • Meet other fellow pilots to share tips and experiences

Find out more

* Contact us to signup.

Flight Club

ThrottleUp Arena

​ThrottleUp Arena is a series of curated outdoors & indoors venues where they are ideal for drone flying. It is also where Flying Meetups and Drone Tours are conducted. ThrottleUp Flight Club members are exclusively invited to join us.

For outdoor venues, they are either fly zones or non fly zones with approved permit for ThrottleUp. For indoor venues, they are private spaces or public spaces with special permission granted to ThrottleUp.

ThrottleUP Arena
Drone Tours

ThrottleUp Drone Tours

ThrottleUp Drone Tours are guided tours to fly drones at various locations in Singapore safely & legally. We share flying tips & experiences, while getting scenic aerial shots around Singapore. Overseas drone tours are available too. 

  • Participants can fly their own drones.

  • Drone rental available

  • Local delicacies for breakfast or lunch

  • Transportation by private hire car.

  • Participants need to be able to operate a drone independently. Otherwise you can signup for an instructor during the drone tour for an additional fee. 


Basic DIY Drone Assembly Workshop

1 session, 3h

  • Learn the components of a FPV drone

  • Assemble each component to setup the drone

  • Setting up the drone's firmware

  • Binding the drone to a transmitter

  • Test flight

  • DIY FPV Drone Assembly set included


* You may also signup ThrottleUp FPV Academy to learn to fly the drone you have built.

Basic DIY Drone Workshop
Family & Kids Dron Workshop

Family & Kids Drone Workshop

1hr, $80 per pax, min 4 pax

  • Indoor drone flying

  • Basic controls & operation

  • Basic circuit flying

  • Mini drone racing

  • Minimum age to fly: 5yo (children 8yo & below are to be accompanied by a paying adult.)

* Bonus: FPV drone (first person view) flight demonstration where you can have a joyride with the pilot wearing the FPV goggles.


Basic Indoor Drone Workshop

​2hr, $120 per pax, min 4 pax

  • Online Lecture (1hr):

    • Safety & regulations for drones

    • Drone components

    • Physics of drones ​

  • Practical (1hr): 

    • Indoor drone flying

    • Basic controls & operation

    • Basic circuit flying

    • Mini drone racing ​


* Bonus: FPV drone (first person view) flight demonstration where you can have a joyride with the pilot wearing the FPV goggles.

Basic Indoor Drone Workshop

FPV Drone Workshop

1.5hr, $150 per pax, min 4 pax

  • Prerequisite: attend Basic Drone Workshop, ability to fly well with beginner drones

  • Altitude-hold, Angle mode (for beginners)

  • Indoor drone flying

  • Basic controls & operation

  • Basic circuit flying

  • Drone track racing


* Bonus: You can record the video footage from your goggles to share your flying experience with your friends on social media.

FPV Drone Workshop

Teambonding Drone Workshop

2hr, 5 - 30 pax, contact us for customisation

  • Lecture:

    • General knowledge, Safety, Regulations on drone operations.

  • Practical:

    • Basic flight controls

    • Build a drone track

    • Drone racing

    • Prize presentation

    • All drones, batteries, equipment, and instructors are provided.


* Bonus: FPV drone (first person view) flight demonstration where you can have a joyride with the pilot wearing the FPV goggles.

Teambonding Drone Workshop
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