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Drone piloting is a life skill just like cycling, swimming & driving. Not only it can be developed into a lifelong passion, an aviation career, but also save lives. 

There are much more than just flying, such as technical knowledge in electronics, flight controllers, radio & video transmissions, GPS, video editing... the list goes on.


Some of the best drone racers in the world are young teens, it is best to start young and build up their knowledge and skills over time. 

Give Drone Pilots Wings


ThrottleUp Academy nurtures new drone pilots by giving them a systematic, safe, and exploratory experiences as they progress in the steep learning curve in piloting skills and drone technology. Our goal is to see students succeed and have fun in this multidisciplinary and  fast developing technology.


We also provide trainings in drone photography & filming, drone racing and freestyle acrobatic for students to participate in competitions in Singapore and overseas.

ThrottleUp Creation Drone Workshop
ThrottleUp Creation Drone Workshop

Qualities of a Drone Pilot

  • Practise safety and responsibility in drone operation.

  • Curious about the science behind drones such as aerodynamics, electronics, radio transmissions, video transmissions, GPS, sensors, etc. ​

  • Highly developed motor skills, good judgements, effective risk assessment, creativity, problem solving skills, and  confidence. ​

  • Ability to overcome challenges and develop self discovery initiatives.

Program Contents


  1. Ground school

    • General knowledge

    • Safety

    • Regulations

  2. Drone piloting

    • Beginner drones (indoor)

    • DJI drones

    • FPV drones (first person view)

  3. DIY drone assembly

    • Learn about drone components & building a drone

  4. Drone photography & filming

    • DJI camera drones

    • FPV cinematics

  5. Race practices

    • To compete in local drone racing​

* Program contents will be adjusted according to students' capacity and progress.

Bonus Contents

Lecture & Hands-on on other types of drones

  • Drone racing simulator

  • Tello drone (Basic operation, Auto features, Photography, Videos)

  • Drone soccer

  • Toy drones in various shapes & sizes for fun flying

Course details


  • Age groups:

    • Primary school & Teens

    • Adults

  • Location:

    • Indoor: Dempsey, Tampines, & others

    • Outdoor: Old Holland Field, Marina South, Upper Bukit Timah, & others

  • Schedule:

    • Once a week, 1 - 2hr

    • 10 lessons per course

    • Contact us for course availability​​


  • Course fee & Registration:

+65 86567631 (Whatsapp only)

ThrottleUp Creation Drone Workshop

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