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ThrottleUp FPV Academy
Entering the world of immersive
drone flying in full control

Redbull f1 takes Miami - Johnny FPV

Redbull f1 takes Miami - Johnny FPV

This is not CG, it is FPV!

Join us and learn to be a FPV pilot in as short as 1 month!


DNA of a Racing Drone

With the same DNA as racing drones, High Speed Chase of cars and boats is no longer a dream.  Not only does FPV save you cost and time compared to camera cranes and computer graphics, it opens up a whole new dimension in filmmaking which was once considered impossible.

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5 reasons to learn FPV with us


1. FPV piloting is a highly sought-after skill even few licensed drone pilots have. Differentiate yourself from the usual drone pilots.


2. It is one of the latest filmmaking tool deployed by Hollywood productions which no existing camera, gimbal, nor crane can achieve. 

3. Learn from instructors who are experienced FPV pilots in Cinematic, CAAS licensed drone pilots, as well as certified adult educators.

4. A comprehensive curriculum including theory, parts & components, troubleshooting & repair, firmware setting, acro-mode piloting, etc. We have got you covered.

5. Join our overseas Drone Tours and fly with our community of international FPV pilots at the most scenic places on Earth. 


Limited time offer! 

EMAX TinyHawk3 Tinywhoop

The first 100 FPV pilots enrolled in each year will get a FREE set of EMAX TinyHawk3 Tinywhoop, which is our recommended FPV drone for beginners.

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The FPV Learning Journey

1. Theory Lessons (3h x2 sessions)

  • FPV parts & components

  • FPV flight characteristics & operations

  • Firmware & setting up

  • Drone laws & regulations

2. Simulator Practice (2h x6 sessions)

  • Learn the basic controls & different flight modes for FPV

  • Practise flying in various environments and around obstacles. 


3. Practical Flying Lessons (2h x12 sessions)

  • Starting with tinywhoop FPV and upgrade to bigger FPV drones.

  • 1-to-1 instruction to help you gain confident in flying with control.

Total minimum training hours:

42h, 20 sessions

4. Practical Assessment (1h session)

  • A test of your flying ability and competency as a FPV pilot.

  • You must be able to clear a list of requirements to be certified as a ThrottleUp FPV Pilot.