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ThrottleUp Flight Club 
A member-exclusive club
For FPV drone pilots

FPV Drone Pilots' Club

ThrottleUp Flight Club is a member-exclusive club for FPV drone pilots, where members can enjoy flying drones at ThrottleUp Arena, as well as other unique venues which are off-limits to others. 

“The first rule about flight club is you don’t talk about flight club.” (just kidding)

-- ThrottleUp, Flight Club

ThrottleUp Creation Flight Club
ThrottleUp Creation Flight Club


  • A comfortable, weatherproof, aircon space for drone flying, away from the scotching sun and unpredictable rainy days.

  • Professionally, creatively and beautifully designed drone tracks for your flying pleasure.

  • Drone tracks designed for novice to advance pilots.

“If I could wake up in a different place, at a different time, I could wake up as a FPV pilot.”

-- ThrottleUp, Flight Club

More Perks

  • Unique flight venues exclusive for members only.

  • Receive guidance from our instructors.

  • Take up our games & challenges to win prizes.

  • Meet other fellow pilots to share the joy of flying.

"FPV drone flying is therapeutic."

-- ThrottleUp, Flight Club

ThrottleUp Creation Flight Club
ThrottleUp Creation Flight Club

ThrottleUp Arena

ThrottleUp Arena is an indoor micro drone (a.k.a tinywhoop) flying space where you can learn to fly a drone, brush-up your piloting skills, and race through our drone tracks.

Regardless of rain or shine, day or night, our indoor ThrottleUp Arena welcomes pilots of all levels to enjoy flying with air-con & comfort.

Flight packages

1 Flight (1 week) – $60

5 Flights (5 week) – $285

10 Flights (3 months) – $540

20 Flights (6 months) – $960

50 Flights (12 months) – $2250

* Each flight lasts for 60min

State-of-the-art Drone Tracks

Our Tinywhoop Drone Tracks are professionally, creatively, & beautifully designed and constructed using various obstacles which the drones will fly through, such as drone gates of all shapes & sizes, tunnels, structures, LED lights, and everyday items. Our "handcrafted" drone tracks will definitely give you a once-in-a lifetime experience and test your piloting skills. 

"FPV drone flying is an out-of-body experience."

-- ThrottleUp, Flight Club

ThrottleUp Creation Flight Club

For Novice to Advance Pilots

Whether you are new to drones or an experienced pilot, our drone tracks have all the fun & challenges for all. 

Choose your flight paths for your skill level, and feel free to venture out of your comfort zone for more adrenaline!

In any case, you won't break an arm nor a leg when flying an unmanned-aerial-vehicle (UAV).

“This is your life and it's ending one moment at a time, so let's fly FPV.”

-- ThrottleUp, Flight Club

ThrottleUp Creation Flight Club

Unique Flight Venues

From time to time, you will be invited to fly at some of the unique flight venues we have curated that are off-limit to other pilots. It is always a fresh experience to fly at new spaces with different dimensions & interesting vibes. These special venues are rare and hard to come by, but our team goes the extra mile to search high & low so that we can create amazing flying experiences for our members. Most people don't even know such places exist.

* Credits for unique flight venues varies from one another.

“The lower you fall, the higher you'll fly.”

-- ThrottleUp, Flight Club

Games, Challenges & Prizes

You will be surprised FPV is so much more than a flying toy. It is a sport, an e-sport, a serious game, a lifestyle, an identity,  a world-wide community, and more. Join in our many games & challenges, and win attractive prices from our sponsors. 

“How much can you know about yourself if you've never flown FPV?”

-- ThrottleUp, Flight Club

A Club for FPV Pilots

"You're only as good as the people you have around you." 

We may not remember how we learned to cycle, but every FPV pilots remember how hard we learned to keep our quads in the air, and how much our FPV buddies helped us.

In FPV, "If you want to go fast go together, if you want to go far go together." 

You will find your FPV buddies here.

“May I never be complete. May I never be content. May I never be perfect. But I as long as I fly FPV......”

-- ThrottleUp, Flight Club

ThrottleUp Creation Flight Club
ThrottleUp Creation Flight Club

How it works?

  • Signup as a member and top up your account with credits.

  • Check out our monthly flight schedule & venues, and soft register your flights. When there are enough pilots, your flight will be confirmed 48h before “departure”.

  • On your flight day, come and fly at ThrottleUp Arena’s handcrafted drone tracks.

  • You may bring your drones or rent from us. Drones are limited to 1S or 2S tinywhoops with prop guards only, subject to approval.

  • You can also opt for lessons from our instructors for instruction or consultation.

  • Credits can also be used for other events, activities & merchandises. 

“I fly. I fly until my ESC burned and my props pumped battery acid. Then I fly some more. ”

-- ThrottleUp, Flight Club

Signup Now!

  • Signup by filling in this FORM.

  • 14 years old or above. Pilots below 14 years old must be accompanied by paying adult of at least 18 years old.

  • Participants must have attended our Basic Drone Workshop, or be able to control the drone.

  • You may bring your own drones to fly too. (Limited to tinywhoop 1s or 2s, with prop guards)

* Feel free to consult our friendly instructors when you have any question!

* Covid-19 safe management measures applied at all time.

ThrottleUp Creation Flight Club

What our participants say:

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