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ThrottleUp Arena
@Singapore Night Festival 2022
Experiential drone flying for any spaces


@Singapore Night Festival 2022


The Cage by ThrottleUp is coming to Bugis+ in conjunction with Singapore Night Festival.


Signup for a drone try-out with our pilot instructors and fly inside The Cage, a state-of-the-art LED drone arena.

ThrottleUp Arena 

@Singapore Night Festival 2022

19th & 20th August 2022, 6pm - 10pm

Bugis+, Open Plaza

For booking/ enquiry:

Whatsapp +65 86567631


Fly with families & friends​

Many families and friends have visited our Drone Arenas and had lots of fun learning together to become first time drone pilots. From children as young as 5 to grandparents, they can pickup the basics of drone flying from our instructors within minutes and start flying!

You can also put on the FPV goggles and hop on for a joyride with our pro-pilots. ThrottleUp with us!

State-of-the-art Drone Track

ThrottleUp Arena transforms any spaces into a beautifully designed LED drone track where visitors can learn to fly at our drone workshops and experience mini drone racing.


FPV for Advance Pilots


For FPV drone pilots, come and challenge our LED drone track with your own tinywhoops, and brush-up your piloting skills at ThrottleUp Arena. This is part of our effort in creating new "air space" for FPV in our tiny Singapore! 

Regardless of rain or shine, day or night, ThrottleUp Arena welcomes you to enjoy flying with comfort under a roof.

ThrottleUp Creation Space Activation

Registration by appointment


Contact us with the following information:

  • Name

  • Number of participants

  • Age of children if any (min 5yo)


Whatsapp +65 86567631


Getting here (click here)

ThrottleUp Arena @Singapore Night Festival

Bugis+, Open Plaza

201 Victoria Street, Singapore 188067​

For Enquiries​​​

​Contact us for enquiry & appointment ​

* For Private group bookings kindly Contact Us.

ThrottleUp Creation Drone Workshop

Drone Production Agency.

FPV Drone Videos. Photos. Workshops. Events.

WHATSAPP: +65 86567631
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