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Let's Fly Indoor Drone Workshop
Learn to fly drones with us. 

ThrottleUp Creation Drone Workshop

Drone workshops


We wish to introduce the this multidisciplinary, fast developing and fun technology to new pilots.


We conduct workshops & events to provide our students a systematic, safe, and exploratory experience as they progress in the steep learning curve in piloting skills and drone technology.

We also provide training for drone

photography, racing and freestyle acrobatic

for students to participate in competitions in

Singapore and overseas.

Benefits of Drone Workshop


1. Learn about safety and responsibility in

drone operation.

2. Learn about the science behind drones such as aerodynamics, electronics, radio

transmissions, video transmissions, GPS,

sensors, etc.

3. Develop motor skills, making judgements,

risk assessment, creativity, problem

solving, and gaining confidence.

4. Learn to overcome challenges and develop self discovery initiatives.

ThrottleUp Creation Drone Workshop

Introductory Workshop for Beginners


For who?

  • First timers flying a drone

  • Fun experience with family & friends

  • Exploring drone as a hobby, for photography & video

  • Team building & learning


  • 1hr online lecture, 1hr practical lesson @ThrottleUp Arena

  • Indoor venue (regardless of weather)

  • Age groups: 13 & above, & Adults

  • Mini beginner drones will be provided for practice. 



Online Lecture (1hr):

  • Safety & regulations for drones

  • Drone components

  • Physics of drones

Practical (1hr): @ThrottleUp Arena

  • Indoor drone flying

  • Basic controls & operation

  • Basic circuit flying

  • Mini drone racing & games

* Bonus:

  • FPV drone (first person view) flight demonstration where you can have a joyride with the pilot wearing the FPV goggles.

ThrottleUp Creation Drone Workshop
ThrottleUp Creation Drone Workshop

Types of Drones used

  • Mini beginner drones will be provided

    • Light weight​

    • With propeller guards

    • 1s Lipo battery

    • 3 speeds

    • Headless mode

    • Programmed acrobatics

Register now​​​

Workshop fee $120.00 per pax. Minimum 4 pax.

By appointment only.

For Group bookings, Private bookings, kindly Contact Us.

What our participants say:

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