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FPV Drone Workshop 

FPV Drone Workshops


FPV stands for "First Person View", which the FPV drone has a camera and the pilot wears a goggle, seeing what the drone is seeing as it flies. Hence, it is as if the pilot is sitting in the cockpit of the drone, piloting it as it flies through obstacles while the pilot is stationed with the radio controller on the ground. This is exactly how drone racers fly.

"FPV is an out-of-body experience!"



FPV drone piloting is a totally different level of skill set compared to VLOS (visual line of sight) piloting. You don't need to follow the drone to keep it in your view, because you "eyes" are already on the drone. You don't need to figure out the orientation of the drone, because you are always looking at the front where the drone is facing. 

However, you will need to learn to fly and make judgement only by observing the first person video feed in the goggles, and have a sense of the space, even when your eyes don't see them.

ThrottleUp Creation FPV Workshop
ThrottleUp Creation FPV Workshop


​FPV pilots fly in "Acro mode", which unlike DJI drones, there is no altitude-hold function, nor stabilisation. There is also no ground sensors, no GPS, no return-to-home function, which means it replies a lot on the pilot's skills, experience, and judgement for good and safe piloting. 

On the other hand, without these restrictive (but safe) features, FPV is more agile and acrobatic, allowing it to capture videos footages that are impossible for other drones or cameras. 

FPV Components


1. FPV camera: to capture video images

2. VTX: video transmitter

3. RX: radio receiver

4. FC: flight controller

5. Motors: to be attached with propellers

6. Lipo: lithium polymer battery

5. Goggles: to receive video signal

6. TX: radio transmitter (radio controller)

7. Others

* You may signup for our DIY drone workshops to learn more about drone components and building your own drones.

ThrottleUp Creation FPV Workshop

FPV workshop content

Practical FPV drone flying (1.5hr):

@ThrottleUp Arena

  • Altitude-hold, Angle mode (for beginners)

  • Indoor drone flying

  • Basic controls & operation

  • Basic circuit flying

  • Drone track racing

* Bonus:

  • You can record the video footage from your goggles to share your flying experience with your friends on social media.

Other FPV workshops


  1. No altitude-hold, only Angle mode (intermediate)

  2. Acro mode (advanced)

  3. FPV simulator

  4. Drone track racing (beginner, intermediate, advanced)

  5. DIY FPV drones

  6. FPV Freestyle (outdoor)

  7. FPV Cinematic (outdoor)

  8. FPV racing (indoor & outdoor)

ThrottleUp Creation FPV Workshop

Register now!​​​

  • Prerequisite: attend Basic Drone Workshop, ability to fly well with beginner drones.

  • By appointment only, min 4 pax

  • $150 per pax (for children &  adults)

  • Also available for private bookings & party plan with F&B

  • Contact us  with the number of adults & children, age, preferred dates & times to make a reservation now!


  • +65 86567631 (Whatsapp only)

* For Private group bookings kindly Contact Us.

* Covid-19 safe management measures applied at all time.

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