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Our Team.

The sum is bigger than its parts.


Pilot Tong founded ThrottleUp Creation right after he has obtained his UAPL (Unmanned Aircraft Pilot License), in the mids of Covid19 pandemic. "When all of us cannot travel overseas during this tough period, let's just take 'domestic flights' in Singapore and do something awesome." he said, as he go around the sunny island, flying and taking FPV drone videos of everyday places & people but with a new perspective.

Meanwhile, Tong also runs his own consulting business with more than a decade of experience managing commercial projects between Japan and Singapore.

He is also a MOE registered instructor for CCA/CLUBS & SOCIETIES (ROBOTICS), and a registered trainer with People's Association.

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PILOT JIN CHONG, Flight Instructor

Pilot Jin Chong is a CAAS Authorised Flight Examiner (AFE), the youngest AFE in Singapore so far. Besides giving a Pass or Fail to candidates, he also trains future drone pilots in obtaining their UAPL. During his NS days, Jin Chong was active as a Certified Military Mini UAV Operator, Certified Military Basic UAV Imagery Interpreter, and also as an Instructor at SAF Tactical Unman Ariel Vehicle Company (TUAV COY)​.

From a young age, Jin Chong fell in love with RC (radio control) cars and planes, and he had never dreamt that a childhood hobby would developed into a career for himself. His patience and good observation make him a friendly and effective instructor for drone pilots. Although being a drone instructor has no restriction on flying the biggest drone exists, Jin Chong has a thing for tiny whoops smaller than a smart phone, because they can be flown in small spaces such as his home.

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Andrew (AKA WerdnaFPV) is an avid FPV racer who participates in the 5”, micro, tiny whoop and simulator classes alike. He is one of the top racers in Singapore, winning the 1st position multiple times at competitions such as Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition, D1 x IDRL Professionals League, and Whoop Arena Singapore Championships. Speed isn’t everything, though, and he is returning to his roots, slowing down and taking some beautiful cinematic shots as a team pilot for ThrottleUp! Andrew is completing his NS as a combat medic and a trained phlebotomist in the medical corps. When he is not flying, he loves nature photography, cooking Western food, and building musical fountain displays.


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