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Drone Soccer
Gamification with Flying Balls

Drone Soccer


Drone Soccer is the latest competitive E-Sport using drones after drone racing. It is a 100% contact sport that not only tests the pilots' flying skill, but also coordination with your team members, and strategising to put the flying ball into your opponent's goal. 


This game requires the skills of both a drone pilot and a soccer player, except that the balls are flying in high speed in the air all the time. 

Quidditch Game in Harry Potter


It is a dream come true for all Harry Potter fans that now you can play a game like that of the Quidditch by flying along side your teammates, knocking off your opponents, and scoring your flying ball through the hoops. And the best part is no one will get hurt!

ThrottleUp Creation Drone Soccer

About the Game

  • Played by a team of 2-5 on each side.

  • A Striker is assigned, only the Striker can score by flying through the opponents' goal.

  • The other team members will defend their goal by knocking off the opponents.

  • Each set is played for 3 min. The teams may change battery in between sets. A total of 3-5 sets will be played.

  • Team members will take turns to be the Striker at each set.

  • The team with the higher scores wins.

The Cage

Our Drone Soccer is about 10cm in diameter, about the size of a palm. The tiny drone is suspended inside and protected by a soft plastic cage in the shape of a sphere or a barrel. The cage makes it safe when colliding into other drone soccers or obstacles. It is even fun to see them bouncing off one another during the game. 

ThrottleUp Creation Drone Soccer
ThrottleUp Creation Drone Soccer


Unlike beginner drones, drone soccer doesn't come with altitude hold function. This allow it to ascend and descend at a higher speed with better agility. Certainly, speed is crucial for a game like this, and the pilots are required to have better flying skills especially in throttle control

It is recommended to attend our Basic Drone Workshop and a few sessions of flight practices at ThrottleUp Arena before going for Drone Soccer.

By appointment only​​​

  • Each studio for Drone Soccer is exclusively reserved for you only by appointment.

  • Contact us  with the number of adults & children, age, preferred dates & times to make a reservation now!

  • Participants must have attended our Basic Drone Workshop, or be able to control the drone.


* For Team Bonding & Private group bookings kindly Contact Us.

* Covid-19 safe management measures applied at all time.

ThrottleUp Creation Drone Soccer
ThrottleUp Creation Drone Soccer

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