ThrottleUp Space Activation
State-of-the-art drone track
Experiential drone racing
For indoor spaces

Space Activation

As the online virtual spaces are taking up more mindshare among consumers, retail and other physical spaces find it more and more challenging to engage customers.

In order to attract crowds, places like shopping malls, other public spaces, and brands often need to come up with new ideas that are fun, instagramable, interactive, experiential, and also educational. 

ThrottleUp Creation Space Activation

State-of-the-art Drone Track

ThrottleUp Space Activation transforms indoor spaces into a beautifully designed LED drone track where visitors can learn to fly at our drone workshops and experience mini drone racing. They can also participate in games and challenges to win attractive prizes. 

Fly with families & friends


Many families and friends have visited our Drone Arenas and had lots of fun learning together to become first time drone pilots. From children as young as 5 to grandparents, they can pickup the basics of drone flying from our instructors within minutes and start flying! 

ThrottleUp Creation Space Activation

Experiential Drone Racing


Advance pilots are invited to demonstrate drone racing to give visitors an adrenaline rush, a spectacle of the latest e-sport live in front of their eyes. 

ThrottleUp Creation Space Activation

How it works?

  1. Space

  2. Setup

  3. Safety

  4. Try-out

  5. Guided Fun Fly

  6. Drone Racing

  7. The Cage by ThrottleUp

  8. Hiring & Collaboration

  9. WOW Your Audience



  • Floor area: 500 sq ft or more

  • Ceiling: 3m or more

  • Enclosed spaces preferred

  • Empty spaces or with some structures 

  • Event spaces

  • Retail units

  • A wide range of possible spaces

ThrottleUp Creation Space Activation
ThrottleUp Creation Space Activation


  • Portable setup for easy plug & play.

  • Powerbank powered LED lights.

  • LED drone gates of various shapes & sizes.

  • LED tunnels of various shapes & sizes.

  • Hanging LED drone gates from the ceiling.

  • Laser & disco lights for ambience. 


  • Powerpoints for charging batteries & powerbanks.

  • Tables & chairs for registration counter.

  • Tables & chairs for pilots.

  • Air-conditioned without strong wind.


  • An instructor is always present to ensure safety.

  • Strict rules for safety are enforced.

  • Only micro drones with propeller guards are allowed.

  • A safety pre-flight brief will be made to the pilots.

  • Safety netting will be installed when required.

ThrottleUp Creation Space Activation


  • 20 - 30min per session.

  • 1 : 5 instructor to participant ratio.

  • Min age: 5

  • Try-out flying a beginner drone, with a crash course from the instructor.​

  • Learn the basic controls and try to fly through the drone track with obstacles. 

Guided Fun Fly

  • 45 - 60min per session.

  • 1 : 5 instructor to participant ratio.

  • Min age: 9

  • Learn to fly a beginner drone with a short introduction of drones, safety & regulation from the instructor.

  • Learn the basic controls and fly through the drone track with obstacles.

  • Mini drone racing.

ThrottleUp Creation Space Activation

Drone Racing

  • A spectacle for visitors to view live, live streamed, or pre-recorded for online sharing. 

  • Advance pilots are invited to demonstrate high speed flying and drone racing. 

  • Attract visitors & online viewers with regular drone racing events. 

  • Sponsorship & marketing opportunities for the mall and its tenants. 

ThrottleUp Space Activation_ The Cage (27 June 2022).jpg

The Cage, by ThrottleUp

  • Available from July 2022.

  • Fully netted enclosure to be deployed indoor (preferred) & outdoor (subject to wind condition)

  • Plug & play style, able to be dismantled and redeployed at other places.

  • Deployable at “Non-Fly-Zones” (NFZ)

  • Dimension: 9m x 9m x 3m (LxBxH)

  • RBG LEDs along the frames

  • Includes drone gates & obstacles inside for drones fly-through & drone racing.

  • Programs: 20min try-outs, workshops, drone racing, time trial challenge, & Drone soccer (advance)


Hiring & Collaboration

We welcome property operators of malls, private properties, public spaces, as well as brands and companies to hire ThrottleUp Drone Activation for your space activation and community engagement.

Our services can be highly customised according to your branding & marketing, community engagement objectives and target audience. 


Contact us for consultation & quotation.

ThrottleUp Creation Space Activation

WOW Your Audience

​We also provide fly-through video service by capturing your spaces, events, and activities through the camera of our FPV (first person view) drones. 

Our skilled pilots can fly both outdoors and indoor, fly close to objects and people safety and produce dynamic videos that can WOW your audience.  

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