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ThrottleUp Creation 
Terms & Conditions

ThrottleUp Creation Flight Guidlines

  1. Arrive 5 minutes earlier, not too early. The pilots before you will still be flying in their flight session.

  2. No food & drink inside ThrottleUp Arena. Drinking plain water is fine. Let’s keep our arena clean as your own home, be respectful to other pilots, our staff and instructors.

  3. Please make sure your mobile phone is on Silent Mode, be considerate to others. Drone piloting requires lots of focus and concentration, let’s avoid unwanted surprises from ringing phones.


  1. Online bookings are opened up to 30 days prior to class commence day. Pilots are encouraged to book early to reserve a flight slot. Towards the end of the day, class will start getting filled up. If you have problem in bookings, you can opt for advance booking and WhatsApp 86567631 for booking which front desk will confirm with you if you would like to proceed. Do note that for advance booking, NO cancellation will be allowed. Otherwise, we will recommend you to book 6 days prior to flight when the booking window is opened. Walk-in pilots are encouraged to give ThrottleUp a Whatsapp text to check for flight availability. You are still able to walk-in based on availability.

  2. Flight rescheduling has to be made by WhatsApp 86567631 at least 2 weeks BEFORE the booking date, in order to reschedule the booking to another available slot. Rescheduling 1 week or less before the booking date will require additional 50% for rescheduling. Cancellation, no Show, late and had been denied entry will be considered as flight taken for paid booking.

  3. First timer to make payment online upon their first booking to secure their slot. All payment has to be made in order to secure a booking.

  4. Pilots will be rejected into the flight if he/she is late. There is NO grace period. Do note that permission to enter will be at the receptionist’s and instructor’s discretion even if 1 minute late the moment flight starts. We reserved the right to reject pilots’ late entry. In the situation of a fully booked flight, your booked slot will be given to walk-in pilots if you are late. Please arrive at least 5 mins prior to the flight start time.

  5. Due to unforeseen circumstances, ThrottleUp Arena reserves the right to cancel, change the venue or the instructor. *In the event of flights canceled by ThrottleUp Arena, class credits will be returned to your package with an extension of your package validity of 7 days.

  6. Public holidays (PH) is taken into account all packages, challenges, and membership validity periods. There might be slight changes to our schedules during PH’s eves and PH.


  1. Waitlist Booking: When you made a flight booking under Waitlist, it means that your booking are on a queue to enrol the flight. Your booking will be confirmed when there is cancellation from pilot who has successfully booked for the flight. Your confirmation will depend on the queue with first come first serve basis.

  2. Waitlist Cancellation: Our flight booking cancellation period is 24 hours. Please cancel your flight booking 24 hours prior to flight start if you are no longer able to attend the flight, regardless if you are on a Waitlist. Otherwise you may risk getting your flight credit deducted if you missed the confirmation email or forget about the booking.

  3. Waitlist to Enrolment Confirmation: Our booking system will enrol students on Waitlist into the class automatically whenever there is cancellation 24 hours before flight starts. You should receive an email confirmation of your enrolment into the flight officially. Meanwhile you are also able to see that you are no longer on “Waitlist” after you have logged into your account below your name under your personal schedule.

  4. Waitlist Unsuccessful Enrolment: Our booking system will lock the Waitlist exactly at 24 hours before the flight starts, which means from that point onwards the system will no longer enrol pilots on Waitlist into the flight automatically. Only successful enrolment will receive confirmation by email. Rest assured that your flight credit will not be deducted if you are still under Waitlist within the 24 hours cancellation period prior to flight start.

  5. Waitlist Last Minute Enrolment: In the event when there is a last minute Late Cancel from the pilots who have booked the flight successfully, and you are still under the Waitlist, our receptionist will try to call you at least 2 hours before flight starts to check if you are interested to come for the class, without obligation. Rest assured no class credit will be deducted if you reject our offer at this point. It is highly recommended to book for class as early as you can to secure a mat. Note that our booking window is opened 30 days prior to flight.


  1. Let us know in advance upon booking if you need any rental from us.

  2. Belongings have to keep with you at all times. ThrottleUp Creation will not be responsible for any lost items. No bags are allowed in the flight zone. Phone calls can only be made outside the arena . ThrottleUp Creation is will not be responsible for any damage to personal belongings. (ie ThrottleUp Creation will not be responsible if one had accidentally stepped on your glasses when you lay them on the floor. You are encouraged to be attentive to your own belongings.

  3. Place your footwear on the shoe rack upon arrival. Do not lay your shoes on the floor. It might go missing. Pilots might wear the wrong shoe home. If you own a widely common shoe like Havanas slippers, you are encouraged to place it at a spot on the shoe rack that is away from the other same looking shoe.

Safety & Etiquette

  1. Always ensure your equipment is well maintained and functional. Make sure you know the operating procedure and capability of your equipment. Make sure you do a range test to determine the boundary your drone can fly.

  2. Always observe safety precautions. Always maintain control of your drone. Always prevent and avoid accidents. Do not fly close to people or over people. Do not fly too fast such that you will lost control of your drone.

  3. Always fly within the flight zone. While inevitable, avoid crashing into any obstacles, walls, properties, and other drones. Never crash into people.

  4. Always ensure you only use and stick to the VTX channel you are assigned by the instructor. If there is any problem, sound off to the instructor.

  5. Sound out loud “Plugging in” when connecting lipo to notify other pilots.

  6. No photo taking of other pilots without permission is allowed. You can take photos but do ensure that other pilots are not in your photo if you intend to post it online. Please check out our arena rental rates for your professional photo shoot session.

  7. Pilots will be made to exit the arena for rowdy, inconsiderate or unpleasant behavior towards staff and pilots.

  8. ThrottleUp Creation reserved the right to turn away pilots who flouted the arena’s terms and conditions and flight will be considered as taken.


  1. All payments are non-refundable.

  2. Digital receipt for flight package purchase will be sent to your email upon request.

ThrottleUp Creation reserves the right to revise our policies and T&Cs

from time to time without notice. Enforcement of these policies and

T&Cs at our absolute discretion is final and binding.

ThrottleUp Creation Indemnity Form






I acknowledge and understand that certain activities within ThrottleUp Creation are dangerous with inherent risks and hazards and that risk cannot be eliminated without jeopardizing the essential qualities of the ThrottleUp Creation Activities and the use of ThrottleUp Creation facilities. Any participation in ThrottleUp Creation Activities involves a significant risk to participants. Such risks could include, but are not limited to, dizziness, Photosensitive epilepsy, cuts and bruises and other injuries. 


I agree to participate in any activities within ThrottleUp Creation at my own risk.



To the fullest extent permitted by law, I agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless ThrottleUp Creation against all and any losses, claims, proceedings, damages, liabilities (whether joint or several), costs and expenses (including reasonable legal fees), whether:


(a)       as a result of my or any of the listed minors’ own negligence, omission, act, conduct or behavior otherwise whilst participating in ThrottleUp Creation Activities, and/or


(b)       arising in connection with or as a result of (or anyone on my or any listed minor’s behalf) making a claim against ThrottleUp Creation despite the waiver, release and discharge I have given.



I agree that I will use ThrottleUp Creation Facilities in a responsible manner, and with respect for my own safety and the safety of others. I acknowledge that I may be liable to other individuals for their injuries, if such injuries arise from irresponsible, deliberate or reckless behaviour. I agree to pay for any damage caused to any part of ThrottleUp Creation Facilities as a result of irresponsible, deliberate or reckless behaviour. I agree to pay the cost of and authorise ThrottleUp Creation to take all steps it considers reasonably necessary to protect my welfare in the event of personal injury, including the administration of any emergency medical treatment and ambulance transportation. Where I am responsible for a minor (whether as parent, legal guardian, custodian or otherwise), I agree to be bound by this Waiver and Consent on the minor’s behalf. I take responsibility for the minor’s safety and undertake to directly supervise him/her at all times.



I certify that I and the listed minors are, as at the date of this Waiver and at each visit to ThrottleUp Creation, in good health and physical condition and free from any medical conditions which may affect or preclude any of us from safely participating in any activities.



I hereby consent to images and videos being taken for security or promotional purposes of me and/or the listed minors. Such images and videos will be the exclusive property of ThrottleUp Creation and I agree to the free publication and/or use in any form or media whatsoever of such images and videos, without payment or compensation of any kind.



I, for myself and/or for the listed minors as (or as the duly authorised agent of) their parent, legal guardian, custodian, have carefully read this Waiver and Consent, fully understand its terms, and sign it freely and voluntarily.


I understand that I, and the listed minors, have given up substantial rights by signing it, and agree to be bound by its terms for myself and on behalf of the listed minors.


I certify and confirm that the information I have entered is accurate and true.


I am at least 18 years old and I have read and agree to the terms of this Waiver and Consent for myself


I am the parent of legal guardian of listed minors, or am the duly authorised agent of the parent or legal guardian of the listed minors, and have due to authority to agree to the terms of this Waiver and Consent on their behalf.


I have read and agree to the terms stated above.


By participating in ThrottleUp Creation’s activities or receiving its services, you are certifying this Waiver and Consent just as if you would physically sign it if it was on paper.

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