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Project 04

Indian Settlers


This is our first video for the Public Art series in Singapore where we feature various art works you can find in the public spaces across Singapore. While cross boarder travel is still restricted since 2020, we hope people can rediscover these art pieces around us on this sunny island, through the lens of our drones.

I am glad that an area of Singapore’s past still can be found among all the modern skyscrapers in CBD. Once you turn into Telok Ayer Street from Cross Street, it’s like stepping into the era of once upon a time in Singapore 🇸🇬. Even if you are working in CBD, take a walk around the area again and rediscover this little red dot.

"In the 19th Century, Indian and Chinese immigrants shared Telok Ayer Street. By placing these sculptures in close proximity, artist Lim Leong Seng mirrors Singapore’s present-day multicultural landscape. Lim uses figurative bronze sculptures to similar effect, preserving the past and making it relevant to the present."

Source: Public Art Trust
* Ensure safe & legal drone operation with adequate training, & knowledge.

Public Art in Singapore: INDIAN SETTLERS

Public Art in Singapore: INDIAN SETTLERS

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