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Project 03

24hrs in Singapore


This is our video for the Public Art series in Singapore where we feature various art works you can find in the public spaces across Singapore. While cross boarder travel is still restricted since 2020, we hope people can rediscover these art pieces around us on this sunny island, through the lens of our drones.

I had a lot of fun with just a short flight among these 5 stainless steel balls. I always thought they are cute with distorted reflections whenever I pass by. Never did I know they are actually time capsules of everyday sounds in Singapore 🇸🇬 since 2015! I wonder when they will be opened up again. Are they in MP3, CD or cassette tape??

"24 Hours in Singapore is an interactive audio sculpture installation that acts as an audio time capsule capturing sounds of Singapore. With the passage of time, this sculpture will serve as a remembrance of the rich intangible heritage of our daily lives in Singapore circa 2015. The installation's audio recordings feature familiar sounds of everyday people, places and scenes, from the sounds of traffic in suburban heartlands and MRT trains to the daily chatter in wet markets and coffee shops."

Source: Public Art Trust SG
* Ensure safe & legal drone operation with adequate training, & knowledge.

Public Art in Singapore: 24hrs in Singapore

Public Art in Singapore: 24hrs in Singapore

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