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Drone Tour in Japan
Kagoshima Prefecture
Adventure. Nature. Local Cuisine. Scenic Drone Shoots

Fly Your Drones in Japan

Drone Tours in Kagoshima by ThrottleUp is a 3-6 pax group tour where drone pilots go on a road trip to explore the most southern prefecture in Kyushu, enjoy the local cuisine, visit places of interest, while flying drones at scenic places along the way to capture beautiful photos and videos. Kagoshima is a unique destination on its own away from mega cities such as Tokyo and Osaka. It is a huge geopark with live volcanoes, mountains, waterfalls, agriculture and the sea. For non drone pilots, it’s a good opportunity to pick up drone flying and deploy it during the tour, as well as future overseas trips.

If you are organizing for bigger groups over 6 pax, chat with us and we are able to assist you.



  • Seasonal attractions in Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter

  • Historical attractions

  • Volcano: Sakurajima

  • Seafood

  • Local specialities: Black pork, black beef, black chicken

  • Whiskey & Shochu distillery

  • Samurai residence

  • Chiran Peace Museum (WWII Kamikaze pilots)

  • Onsen hot spring Ryokan staycation

  • Countryside staycation: tea plantation, farming, hiking, sightseeing


* We will follow the itinerary while practicing flexibility depending on weather, traffic, availability and everyone’s mood. Depending on the schedule, not all in the list may be covered, and items outside the list may be included. There will be some free time for you to do your own exploration and meals.

Types of Tour


Public Tour:

You will be joining the tour with other drone pilots. It is a good opportunity to meet fellow drone pilots from another part of the world, make friends and have fun flying together and learn from one another.


Private Tour:

The tour is only for you and your group. It is more flexible as things can be arranged to your group's liking and pace. You can also enjoy more private times together with your members. Minimum group size or minimum booking fees apply.



Day 0

  • Pick up from Kagoshima Airport (if you arrive by plane) or Kagoshima Chuo Station (if you arrive by train). We will send you to your hotel in Kagoshima City to check-in.

  • If there is time, you may walk around the city center on your own to explore the shopping district and have some nice meals.

  • Remember to go back to the hotel to prepare your drones, gears, charge batteries, and have a good rest.

Day 1

  • Enjoy breakfast at the hotel.

  • Tour of Sakurajima, volcanic island (drone flying) Sakurajima is a live volcanic island located just 4 Km across the sea from Kagoshima City. We will take a 15 min ferry ride to the island where you can enjoy the beautiful view of the sea with the huge volcano in the background.

  • We will go for a bicycle for e-bike guided tour of the island to see special features of the volcanic geopark. There are many places of interest such as the Visitors’ Center, volcanic eruption ruins and viewing towers for visiting.

  • There is an outdoor hot spring for the legs, where we can rest and give some spa treatment to our legs after the bike ride.

  • We will have lunch on Sakurajima before heading back to Kagoshima City.


  • Tour of Tenmonkan, shopping district: After a day of outdoor activities, we will spend some time at Tenmonkan, a major shopping district to do some shopping, check out some major Japanese brands, and the latest Japanese products or gadgets out there.

  • Dinner at Tenmonkan, Yakitori: We will have a reservation at a Yakitori restaurant for an exclusive dinner. Yakitori is barbecue chicken on sticks over charcoal, serving different parts of the chicken with different seasonings. Kagoshima is famous for its black chicken.

  • Free time or back to hotel

Day 2

  • Enjoy breakfast at the hotel.

  • Tour of Hioki area:

  • Shochu distillery: Shochu is a Japanese traditional hard liquor, distilled spirits made from grains and vegetables. In Kagoshima, it is mostly made from sweet potato or rice. You will be able to see the distillation process and have a taste of different kinds of Shochu.

  • Whiskey distillery: Japanese whisky is a style of whisky developed and produced in Japan. Whisky production in Japan began around 1870. This whiskey distillery in Kagoshima is still in the early stages of its barrel maturation process. It is a very young whisky compared to most around the world, which are aged for at least 3 years.

  • Biyama Pottery Town: Japanese pottery techniques and styles are unique in different prefectures, and Biyama is the birthplace of Kagoshima’s pottery called Satsuma Pottery.


  • Seafood lunch: We will enjoy fresh seafood, such as Sashimi, by the sea.

  • Seaside Beach Park (drone flying)

  • Check-in to Countryside residence at Ei

  • Ei is located south of Kagoshima next to the sea. We will have the opportunity to stay in a refurbished local Japanese house in the countryside. There are various properties that are next to the river, in the middle of a tea plantation, or among agricultural land. It is a nice experience of Japan’s countryside where you can enjoy the stars at night, wake up to a beautiful sunrise, and fresh air.

  • Tour of Ei (drone flying): We will be visiting various attractions at Ei, such as the tea plantation, the seaside, the lake, the mountain, the shrine at the sea, for some awesome drone flying.

  • Sunset at Lake Ikeda (drone flying): We will have dinner by the lake before returning to the countryside residence to end the day.

Day 3

  • Sunrise at tea plantation (drone flying)

  • Enjoy breakfast at countryside residence

  • Tour of Chiran: Chiran is an area next to Ei where it is famous for its Chiran tea. Due to its proximity to Okinawa and the Pacific, it has also played a role in WW2. There was a military airbase where Kamikaze pilots took off for their last missions. Now Chiran Peace Museum is built next to the former airbase to tell future generations this part of history, and the value of peace and lives.

  • After lunch, we will visit a Samurai Residence. Nicknamed the "Little Kyoto of Satsuma", Chiran is home to more than 500 samurai residences during the late Edo period (19th century). As the original buildings of the complex are well-preserved, one can get to witness a real, Edo Period Samurai settlement here. The charm of the Chiran Samurai Residence Complex lies in the 700m stonewall-lined paths, the scattered Samurai houses and the beautifully landscaped gardens within.

  • Back to Kagoshima City

  • Free time & dinner

  • Check-in hotel at Kagoshima City


Day 4

  • Enjoy breakfast at the hotel.

  • Tour of historical attraction: Senganen: Stately home and gardens of the Shimadzu family, Sengan-en is a traditional garden and stately home in Kagoshima built by the 19th head of the Shimadzu family, Mitsuhisa, in 1658. 

  • Lunch at Tenmonkan: Yakushima seafood speciality. Yakushima is a UNESCO World Heritage island in Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan, known for its wildlife and cedar forests.

  • After lunch, we will be visiting Terukuni Shrine by foot and hiking up a hill where we can get a beautiful view of Sakurajima volcano. Terukuni Shrine is not very old, being founded in 1864. Terukuni Shrine was rebuilt after being damaged in the final battle of the Satsuma Rebellion, "Saigo's Last Stand".

  • Free time & dinner

Day 5

  • Enjoy breakfast at the hotel.

  • Set off for Kirishima (drone flying): Kirishima is located about 1.5h north of Kagoshima City. It is a touristic place known for its volcanoes, hotspring, nature, and national parks.

  • Tour of Kirishima: We will be visiting various attractions in Kirishima such as Kirishima-jingu Shrine, Located in Kirishima City, Kirishima Jingu Shrine sits on a slope on the hillside of Mt. Kirishima, its buildings facing the summit of Mt. Takachiho. The current shrine was built in 1715 by the feudal lord of the then-Kagoshima domain.

  • We will also drive around inside Kirishima National Park to see some of its magnificent waterfalls such as Senriga Fall, as well as hike up to Mt Onaminoike, a lake on top of a mountain which is a former volcanic crater.

  • We will have lunch at a visitor center where you can also check out some local produce, snacks, and shop for souvenirs.


  • Staycation & dinner at Kirishima (hot spring resort): We will check into a hot spring resort to enjoy the hot spring, delicious meals and superb hospitality.

  • Bathing in hot springs is a Japanese traditional practice where Japanese people can relax, release their stress, and the various minerals in the hot spring are believed to have various medical benefits. Going in the same hot spring naked together with strangers might feel awkward for foreigners at first, just keep in mind it is just a common practice in Japan, and enjoy.

  • Dinner is served with fresh ingredients and local delicacies for the season.

Day 6

  • Enjoy breakfast at the hot spring resort.

  • We will send you back to Kagoshima City or Kagoshima Airport for your next destination.

  • End of tour

Tour fees:

Public tour: contact us for detail, min 3 pax

Private tour: contact us for detail, min 3 pax

* 10% of the tour fee (non-refundable) will be paid to ThrottleUp upon registration, remaining 90% will be paid 2 month before departure.

Contact us for enquiry.



  • Inclusions: 6 nights stay at stated accommodation (usually 2pax to 1 room)

  • Breakfast provided by accommodation

  • Most meals; lunches & dinners

  • English/ Japanese speaking Tour guide/ Drone operation guide

  • Car rental, driver, toll, fuel, insurance

  • Ferry

  • Group reservation of special restaurants & accommodations

  • Pick-up and drop off from/to Kagoshima Airport or Kagoahima Chuo Station


  • Expenditures of a personal nature, such as snacks, drinks, souvenirs, alcohol etc.

  • Some meals i.e. lunch and dinner. However, we will recommend and bring you to places to eat according to your preference. Just let your guide know. 

  • International / Domestic flight or train tickets to & from Kagoshima.

  • Travel insurance

  • Visa fee

  • All the fees not mentioned in the “Inclusions”


Drone Laws & Safety

  • We partner with licensed local drone operators to ensure lawful and safe drone operation during the trip. Participants will be informed about the Dos & Don’ts, registration of drones, restrictions, etc regarding drone operations in Japan.

  • When required, we will apply for permits from the relevant government departments, and obtain permission from property owners for drone operations.

  • Participants are required to follow instructions and obtain clearance from your guide before launching your drones.

  • While we try our best to ensure everyone’s lawful and safe drone operation, however participants are solely responsible for their own actions in the events of accident, injuries, damage to properties, dispute with third parties, and breaching of the law.

Other options

  • We can help you register your drone in Japan. Drones 100g or above are required to register.

  • Fees: US$120 per drone registration.

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