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Drone Tour in Singapore
City in a Garden. Local Cuisine. Scenic Drone Shoots

Fly Your Drones in Singapore

Drone Tours in Singapore by ThrottleUp is a 2-5 pax group tour where drone pilots go on a day trip to explore a different side of Singapore, enjoy the local cuisine, while flying drones to capturing beautiful photos and videos. Singapore is a popular destination famous for being a city in a garden. While the laws for drones are strict and fly-zones are limited, this tour brings you to unique locations, off the beaten track, and experience flying drones in this tiny country. For non drone pilots, it’s a good opportunity to pick up drone flying and deploy it during the tour, as well as future overseas trips.

If you are organizing for bigger groups over 6 pax, chat with us and we are able to assist you.

What is Drone Tour?


  • A guided tour to fly drones at various locations in Singapore safely & legally.

  • Half-day (4hr 2-3 locations), or Full-day (8hr tour 4-6 locations) across Singapore.

  • Take scenic drone shoots in Singapore

  • Guided by experienced drone pilots

  • Legal & safe flights for participants

  • Participants can fly their own drones

  • Drone registration service available (for drones above 250g)

  • Drone rental available

  • Local delicacies for breakfast or lunch

  • Transportation by private hire car.

  • Participants need to be able to operate a drone independently.

  • Otherwise you can signup for an instructor during the drone tour for an additional fee.



  1. Meetup with your drone tour guide for breakfast or lunch.

  2. Get to know one another, and attend a pre-flight briefing.

  3. Set off for the first flight.

  4. Receive guidance and tips from your guide.

  5. Move to the next locations by private hire car.

  6. Break for drinks & snacks as you fly.

  7. Home sweet home with many sweet memories.

Types of locations

  • Parks in the city

  • Built up areas

  • Residential estates

  • Open fields

  • Sea sides

  • Marina bay area

  • Reservoirs 

  • Canals & Water ways

  • Offshore islands

  • Other unique locations


* You may indicate your preference and we will plan the tour based on these options while being flexible depending on weather, traffic, availability, types of drones and everyone’s mood.


For Novice to Advance Pilots

Whether you are new to drones or an experienced pilot, our Drone Tours have all the fun & excitement for all. You will learn from your drone pilot guide about drone flying in Singapore, basic techniques, so feel free to approach your guide. 

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Interested to join our Drone Tour in Singapore?

CONTACT US now for details and costs.

Contact us for inquiry:

Whatsapp: +65 86567631

Southern Islands


While Singapore's urbanisation might be lacking the nature and beaches you may find in Thailand or the Philippines, the Southern Islands offers a little paradise just 30min away from the mainland.

It is also a beautiful place for drone flying over the tropical beach with turquoise clear water.

  • Island hopping to St John Island, Lazarus Island, Kusu Island (turtle island), Sisters Island (current under redevelopment)

  • Swimming and sea sports at the beach

  • Fishing, cycling, picnic, and just chill

  • Overnight stay accommodation available

Let us know if you wish to have a drone tour at the Southern Islands, and we will plan it for you. 

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